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"Back Up Data and Files -Sometimes"

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With Norton Ghost 10.0 you should be able to back up the data and other files that are important to you. Do you keep your checkbook files on the computer? How about your taxes? Those precious photos of your kids cannot be left unprotected. With Norton Ghost 10.0 you can set the software to automatically back up what you want to protect for the future. There were some hiccups in installing and working this software, but when it did work, it was great.

  • Backups are quick and efficient. You can create a schedule for your backups or do it on an as-needed basis. And when that dreaded recovery is imminent, there’s no need to sweat. It’s fairly easy with Norton Ghost 10.0
  • Sometimes, the software will say that the backup failed, yet there is a mysterious block of file space taken up on your hard drive. You have to delete that block and start again.

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26 Jan 2006

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