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"Beware if you use SATA drives"

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I purchased a new SATA WD 1TB drive for my Dell desktop. The internal drive was a SATA WD 320MB drive. The first thing I discovered was that the new Dell slim case has room for only one drive. So I bought an external SATA drive enclosure for the 1TB drive. I installed Ghost 15.0 on the computer and proceeded to perform a disk copy. The copy ran for a number of hours, as expected. I have copied several drives with earlier versions of Ghost, but always on IDE drives. After copying the SATA drive, with the original drive still in place, my computer would not boot. apparently the boot cylinder was wiped out. I replaced it with the copy and had the same result.

I had to do a complete new install on the new drive. The original drive was readable, so I was able to recover data file and email messages, etc. But the entire experience was very frustrating because, although I did not specifically verify that the latest version of Ghost would handle SATA drives, in my experience Norton products have never let me down. I was completely taken by surprise by the Ghost 15 screw-up. Next time I will check and be certain that whatever software I choose for copying a hard drive it will handle the type of drive I am using.

  • Does a fine job of backing up my hard drive, although the first backup in a new backup set runs quite slowly.
  • Cannot drive copy SATA drives correctly.

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13 May 2010

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